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The grow light for professionals

As it is the case for all innovations, the hemp lamp stems from a simple question:

Why does it not exist?

Imagine a lamp which takes into account the plant’s uniqueness in all its different stages and functions all year long, which boosts its great properties in the medical, fabric and industrial fields, which is sustainable and energy-efficient, which emits no heat, which does not require any additional device such as spare lamps or fans (that can get damaged and consume more electricity), which only focuses on the plant’s growth in its entirety, which does not disturb anyone with buzzing, humming or any other interference sounds, and -to top it all off- which is attractive.

Only one answer was possible: because it does not exist. Or better said, it did not exist. Nowadays, you have the lamp with the ideal light for hemp: The U-ID 4S. Let us enlighten you…

Exciting facts

You will find many grow lights on the market, a lot of which are cheaper to buy. To those who only want a decorative object will surely not be very sensitive to our benefits, even though our lamps meet the highest aesthetic standards. On the other hand, those who expect more, more than mere interior design, more efficiency, more sustainability, more output with less consumption, will undeniably fall for the U-ID 4S

The U-ID 4S combines the best features, especially for industrial cultivation, to take the maximum  advantage of this booming market:

  • Maximum lighting with only 265 watts
  • Energy saving up to 65%
  • No need for ballast
  • Usable 24/7
  • Quick and dense growth all year long
  • Negligible heat emission
  • No need for spare lamps
  • No need for additional mechanical parts
  • No sound or smell emission
  • Possibility to adjust lighting via your phone (optional)

We are not looking to sow a seed of doubt in your mind with impressive figures. After all, there are on the Internet various online-calculators that allow you to calculate yourself how much you save by using the U-ID 4S. You can either look for them by yourself or use the ones below (yet in German). We would like to inform you that we cannot be held responsible for the content and/or the calculator accuracy from these pages:

Below some pictures to familiarise you with the technical aspect of our innovation:

Below some pictures to familiarise you with the technical aspect of our innovation:

Length, height, width – This drawing shows the lamp width as such. Regarding the width of the light spectrum, you can see it below:

… What our tests show.

They introduce you to the U-ID 4S.

Pure hemp culture

Hemp counts for one of the oldest plants the benefits of which have been used by humans for thousands of years : the male plant is perfect for rope making as well as for some textiles and cosmetic products. The female plant is most and foremost well known as a narcotic drug, and as a result strictly condemned. Fortunately, more and more people see the light.

There are many studies which prove the pharmacological effects and medical benefits of the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) on numerous diseases, unlike the homeopathy (but that is another topic).

In any case, hemp is such a useful plant on so many aspects, that it deserves to be highlighted, both literally and metaphorically speaking. And this is why the U-ID 4S exists. Its unique technology and many advantages are why this growlight is your best asset for industrial hemp cultivation.