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The grow light for professionals

As it is the case for all innovations, the hemp lamp stems from a simple question:

Why does it not exist?

Imagine a lamp which takes into account the plant’s uniqueness in all its different stages and functions all year long, which boosts its great properties in the medical, fabric and industrial fields, which is sustainable and energy-efficient, which emits no heat, which does not require any additional device such as spare lamps or fans (that can get damaged and consume more electricity), which only focuses on the plant’s growth in its entirety, which does not disturb anyone with buzzing, humming or any other interference sounds, and -to top it all off- which is attractive.

Only one answer was possible: because it does not exist. Or better said, it did not exist. Nowadays, you have the lamp with the ideal light for hemp: The U-ID 4S.

Let us enlighten you…