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U-ID 4S –
The light with a “licence” to grow

and patented conception reduces costs while increasing output. And this grow light is a reference in terms of efficiency. It uses up to 65% less energy compared to traditional lamps. Besides, it doesn’t need any additional device or ballast. All this added to the excellent longevity of the integrated LEDs makes this U-ID 4S exceptionally sustainable.
Furthermore, this hemp lamp has various light sources that are independent from one another, which shine towards the development stage of the plant. The plant is hence constantly supplied adequately thanks to the photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), may it be in growth phase or blossoming phase, in other words the plant will always receive the part of the light that it needs for its development. And if you -as a licensed company- also want to grow, then you need us… and our U-ID 4S hemp lamp.

You cultivate legally* –
And we develop together abundantly

* In Germany, hemp cultivation, including industrial hemp is in principle forbidden, except if…


Hier tragen wir alles so zusammen, was uns rund um das Thema “Hanf” – insbesondere in puncto medizinischer oder (textil-)industrieller Nutzung, Kapitalanlage – in die Hände fällt und was wir als wissenswert erachten. Dazu zählen natürlich auch Streitfälle mit der Justiz. Die lohnen sich zwar für niemanden, aber es lohnt sicherlich zu wissen, was passieren kann, falls was passiert. Also aufgepasst: Hier sind unsere Hanf-Infohappen …